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Payment Scheduler

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Payment Scheduler is an application that helps you keep your payment schedule at your finger tip. The app can be used to enter and track regular bills OR / AND this can be an add-on app to be used with any of our top financial applications listed below· Debt Payoff Planner · Mortgage Calculator Pro· Mortgage Calculator Full. Mortgage Auto Loan Calculator. Debt Payoff Lite
The bills can be backed up to SD card / Google Drive and restored later.
-- Improved Look and Feel and new Scroll Widget (from Android 3.0)
The input data for this app comes from source apps listed above. Once the data is imported into this app, the app automatically keeps track of your payments.
· App reminds you when your payment is due. You can configure how far ahead you want to be notified.· Past due payments are shown as RED to get attention.· You have made multiple payments in the past before using this app? No problem. You can simply mark all the past payments as paid in one click.· You can add a Home Screen Widget if required. Don’t worry, you have an option to hide your payment amounts.
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